The Hawthorn Gallery
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With over 20 years experience, we can guarantee the highest quality
We have provided a superb bespoke framing service for nearly a decade and have thousands of satisfied customers. Whether it's a family portrait in a simple frame, or a football shirt with multiple photographs, expert advice is always on hand. Our knowledgeable and creative staff will ensure you get the best outcome from your investment in our framing. Our workshop is fully equipped with the best tools including a computerised mount board cutter, which makes achieving multi aperture mounts and complex shapes a simple process. With it's high degree of accuracy, a quality mount is assured. Keeping our framing in-house and working closely with key suppliers means you'll find our pricing structure very competitive. You are very welcome to bring your item to us to canvas our ideas; there is absolutely no obligation to proceed should you choose not to. Remember, we are interested in your long term business and want you to recommend us to others. Quality is indeed our motto, and if we aren't 100% happy with your job, it doesn't leave the workshop.
"Amazing! We had an old photo of my grandad and his medals framed for my dad, he absolutely loved it, Ian was really helpful and did a great job!"
"We set Ian and his team what we thought was an impossible challenge! The memories of our family holiday to Disneyland will now live with the children forever, thank you!"
"We found the consultation process very simple. We were give lots of options within our budget, very happy with the final result"