The Hawthorn Gallery
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UNDER £200
Robert Oxley
New Autumn collection now available to view
Jeff Rowland
The Rain Man captures poignant moments in beautiful settings
Bob Barker
Northern art comes to life in Bob's nostalgic views of yesteryear
Craig Davison
Everyones childhood memories come to life in Craig's distinctive shadow paintings
Richard Rowan
Breathtaking talent who paints in oils backwards onto his chosen medium of glass
Alexander Millar
Alex's much loved 'gadgie' characters are a gallery and collectors favourite
David Bez
Born and raised in Manchester, David's originals are fresh and sensibly priced
Malcolm Teasdale
Nostalgic Northern originals with the true spirit of the people and places they portray
Lindsay Madden
Novel original works that explores the theme of childhood and growing up in a unique way
Bob Dylan
The Beaten Path 2017 collection from this iconic musician now available to purchase
Opened in 2005, The Hawthorn Gallery is an independent fine art gallery which offers customers an extensive range of limited edition artwork, original paintings and sculpture from some of the finest contemporary artists working today. We also offer a first class in-house framing service; the beating heart of any good gallery.
Adele - Pegasus
The Liaison - Jeff Rowland
Tiger II - David Rees
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So Much Love by Mackenzie Thorpe
Rare canvas board edition
John D Wilson
New selection of original work
Autumn 2017
Latest Releases from your favourite Artists
Jeff Rowland - The Rain Man
Lose yourself in Jeff's romantic world
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