The Hawthorn Gallery
We need a modern browser to run our WebApp. Because you have either a legacy browser or have javascript disabled this is the best we can do!
We are a little different to most online auctions so we have put together a few tips to get you started.

Our auctions are not just a list of bids, you see other bidders and watchers in realtime. If someone is in the auction room with you, you'll see the green dot, otherwise it will be grey.

You need to be a Hawthorn Gallery user in order to place a bid. Don't worry our simple sign up process takes seconds, all you need is a username and password

You can simply place a bid or set up your maximum bid for auto bidding. It works just like it does on eBay.

You can add the auction to your tasks menu using the watch button on the right hand side of the screen. Clicking this will ensure you can quickly return to the auction.

If you are outbid during an auction you'll receive a notification via the website. Simply click the notification to return to the auction to bid again.

Our auctions employ the concept of going, going, gone! If there's a bid in the last minute then the auction goes into extra time. For each last minute bid extra time is reset. Just like a real auction room before the gavel goes down.

If you win any of our auctions you need to pay within 48 hours. At the end of auction just fill in your details at the payment popup and complete your order. Mainland UK delivery is free of charge, if you live outside the UK we will charge additional carriage.